Founded June, 2014

Christophs Gourmet Artisan Sausages

New World Flavors– Old World Quality 

The Mission

Bring healthy, wholesome food back to our daily diets and dinner table.


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Why Christoph's

Our foods reflect natural and organic ingredients, containing only the finest that nature offers.


  No MSG   No Potassium Lactate
  No Fillers   No Sodium Phosphates
  No Meat By-Products   No Sodium Diacetate
  No Gluten   No Sodium Erythorbate
  No Carrageenan   No Maltodextrin
  No Corn Syrup   No Sodium Nitrate
  No Artificial   Sweetners   No Recovered Meats
  No Artificial Flavors   No Mechanically Seperated Meats


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A Brief History

     Growing up in a home where all meals were prepared from scratch, I learned the attributes of fresh, quality foods and their resulting flavors. My mother rarely went to the grocery store to purchase processed or finished foods. The smell of baking bread, pastries, pot roasts, Wiener Schnitzel or casseroles was always in the air.

     Since the age of nine, every Saturday my father and I would go to Chicago's "Maxwell Street" of the sixties, bringing home fresh meats, fish, baskets of vegetables and fruits and, every Saturday before I was able to play with my friends, I was in the kitchen, hand grinding fresh pork butt shoulder and fatback to produce delicious sausages. I did not mind - my friends could wait.

     Memories of childhood, the benefits of eating fresh and healthy foods stayed with me for a lifetime.

     Fast forward to June of 2014. A friend of mine and I went to a sausage making and cooking demonstration. An Austrian sausage maker presented the basic "make at home" process. He made three different sausages -- the flavors were excellent, and we ate a product quality which is rarely available, even from local butcher shops.

     My friend said we should make some, and asked if I would help him and offer some tips. I agreed. The following weekend we made sausages. He made two recipes and I created four - 24/7, Mandarin Orange, Calimyrna Fig and Early Morning.

     We drank wine, ate fresh sausage and gained weight, well into the evening - it was almost midnight.

     From this experience, Christoph's was born.


About Our Recipes / Products

     Unlike commercial sausages, Christoph's uses only 100% Butt Shoulder and Hard Fatback. No scrap, filler or mechanically separated pork is used.

     Our pork comes only from lean, quality hybrid breeds, such as American Yorkshire, Hampshire and Chester White. This pork is then carefully integrated with controlled ratios of Hard Fatback, offering the best attributes of meat to fat ratios for texture and maximum flavor. Our sausages are encased only in natural hog or sheep casing.

     There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added to any of our products. Preservation is achieved through the process of vacuum packing and freezing. Through this process, freshness is maintained for a minimum of six months, with no loss of flavors.

     With proper thawing and slow, low heat pan, oven or grill preparation, our sausages taste as good and as fresh as the day they were made. Once you eat and serve our products, you will never again purchase low cost, low quality, commercially prepared sausages.

     Yes, our sausages will cost you slightly more - that's because our ingredient costs are higher. But with quality ingredients and careful, small quantity production comes a significantly higher product quality, better tasting food, increased personal health and nutrition.

     All of our quality and health conscious customers have said, "Theirs looks like sausage, but it's not a Christoph's."


Thank you...

Christoph, Founder


Why Natural  Why Organic

 Authentic organic food is primary to our nutritive and healthy way of life. Great tasting food reduces our daily, unhealthy over-consumption. Choosing all natural and real organic foods reduces our intake of pesticides and chemicals that pollute and harm our bodies.

Naturally produced foods promote sustainable agriculture, our personal health and the health of our children.


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New World Flavors – Old World Quality

  Eat Real Food ™



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