Gourmet Artisan Sausages


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Christoph's™ – Brat Spiedino

A Skewer of Four Fresh Sausages




Fresh, All Natural Premium Pork Sausages.

A beautifully blended skewer of 4 gourmet sausages – Cardamom Brat, Appalachian Fire, Mandarin Orange & Basil Gorgonzola. Experience balanced and delicate flavors of cardamom, basil, nutmeg, ground mustard, cayenne and other chilies, mandarin-orange and gorgonzola cheese.


Idea Time – Differentiate Yourself


          You established your Restaurant because you wanted to offer a difference – to present your visions of what culinary hospitality should be. Your customers seek you out, because they want a unique gastronomic experience. You have succeeded, but now it is time to be creative again.

       Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be important times that build memories for life. Think – how many experiences and life’s stories are recalled and re-told around these moments?

       Your guests will leave and share their experience of your unique breakfast or lunch menus – “…it was very different; the flavors were unbelievable – unlike any other eatery.”

       Guests will tell their friends of your exceptional menu selections – your passion for the incomparable reveals itself.

       Unique dinners are equally important. When you go out of your way to express a little elegance – a little panache – by offering an untypical dinner experience, guests will not only promote you…they come back.


You create…We’ll provide the flavors…!

New World Flavors – Old World Quality 

Back to Basics – Back to Real Food 




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